Two-factor authentication for passwords

With security breaches, digital crime and internet fraud on the rise, the importance of protecting your information has never been more vital.

LAUW is seeing an increase in emails being breached where hackers have gained access to insureds’ email passwords. That leads to increased “social engineering” claims.

Most email logins are protected by at least a password. While passwords can be made strong or complex, they are not foolproof and phishing or cracking passwords is fairly easy. Implementing two-factor authentication (2FA) for passwords on email logins significantly reduces the risk of emails being breached and prevents hackers getting in, even when they’ve got your password.

What is 2FA?

2FA is an authentication mechanism implemented to double check a user’s identity is legitimate. To put it simply, it is another layer of security to the standard username and password combination. The second layer of security usually consists of factors such as a mobile device, smart card or fingerprint.

Brokers should definitely start having conversations with their insureds about the importance of implementing 2FA on emails and network systems. It should be part of insureds’ cyber risk management procedures.

How to implement 2FA

We leave that to the experts, so please contact an IT specialist.

News Alert July 2018