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London Australia Underwriting (LAUW) works together with its supporting brokers to achieve the best outcomes for our mutual clients.

If you need IT liability (ComTech) or FinTech covers, talk to us.

IT liability (ComTech)

Whether you’re seeking cover for a startup developing the next hit app, a telecommunications company, or an established multinational B2B IT consultancy, LAUW has a comprehensive liability solution to cover the business risks your clients face.

ComTech is our combined liability and cyber insurance for IT, media and telecommunications companies.

We’ve got appetite and capacity for software businesses, hardware-related activities,

IT consultancies and services, and innovators developing apps, video games and internet-enabled devices. We’ll consider most communications and technology fields.


Whether your client is a large, established equities trading platform, an online forex dealer, or a start-up crowd-funding website, the right insurance and crisis management can mean the difference between survival and financial disaster.

Insuring clauses cover professional indemnity, D&O, theft, cyber liability and general liability.

The ComTech and FinTech policies offer multi-insuring clauses, broad cyber coverage under a separate insuring clause, limits up to $20m and premiums from as low as $1,000. We pride ourselves on fast turnarounds for our partner brokers.

LAUW’s mantra is innovation and service. You can depend on us for high-quality security coupled with experienced underwriters who focus on long-term achievements, enabling brokers to place business with confidence.

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