The Insurance Council of Australia’s voluntary General Insurance Code of Practice (the Code) sets minimum service standards relating to the Australian General Insurance Industry’s dealings with customers. Lloyd’s is a signatory of the Code.  Together with Underwriters at Lloyd’s, we proudly support the Code.

The Code covers all general insurance products, except workers compensation, marine insurance, medical indemnity insurance and compulsory third party insurance, nor does it cover re-insurance and certain life and health insurance products. The Code promotes honest, efficient, fair and transparent dealings with customers.

The Code sets standards which deal with:

  • Buying insurance,
  • Insurance claims,
  • Catastrophes and disasters,
  • Information and Education,
  • Complaints handling procedures,
  • Code monitoring and enforcement.

The objectives of the Code are:

  • to promote better, more informed relations between insurers and their customers;
  • to improve consumer confidence in the general insurance industry;
  • to provide better mechanisms for the resolution of complaints and disputes between insurers and their customers; and
  • to commit insurers and the professionals they rely upon to higher standards of customer service.

As a Lloyd’s Agency, we are committed to upholding our obligations under the Code.

Our principal obligations include:

  • Conducting our business with the utmost good faith and in a fair, honest and transparent manner.
  • The proper handling of information.
  • Provision of relevant information and reasons for declining cover or claims.
  • Dealing promptly with customers (within specified time frames where so prescribed).
  • Offering review and information on complaints handling procedures when appropriate.
  • Maintaining skills and knowledge (training) to act competently.
  • Complying with the prescribed internal and external dispute resolution protocols.
  • Maintaining appropriate systems and governance.
  • Reporting on compliance and any breach of the Code.
  • Supporting industry education initiatives to explain general insurance to customers and the community.

A full copy of the Code and its requirements can be viewed on the following website: